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May 14, 2012 6:00am EDT
because of weak tax revenue and slow progress in cutting spending. the governor jerry brown says that the shortfall for the upcoming fiscal year now stands at $16 billion. that's up from a previous estimate of $9.2 billion made back in january. brown will now present a new budget proposal today for the fiscal year at that starts in july but california could receive a windfall from the planned facebook ipo. revenue from faebz stock options held by people living in california could reach around $2 billion. but that raises a ton of question. $16 billion worth of deficit. i was just trying to figure out what greece and the budget deficit there stands at. $16 billion is a big number. >> you know the ranking for business friendliness is 50th. they're going to raise the sales tax and raise the income tax 3 points on people that make too much money, over 200 or over 250. we'll see how many more people decide to leave the state after that. at this point you can't go below 50 unless we include puerto rico and some of the territories. so what's jerry brown got to lose at this point? just go
May 4, 2012 6:00am EDT
typically. the last time we almost had one was big brown. do you remember that? >> yes, i do. >> do you know what year that was? >> 2009. >> 2008. we were down 30% that year. >> who do you like, bode -- >> bodemeister. >> i can't even talk to you with that hat on. i don't know what you're saying. >> do you want me to take it off? >> no, i want you to take everything else off and just wear the hat. >> this "squawk box" moment has been brought to you by -- >> you cannot be -- this conversation jurs can't be a serious conversation. >> no. >> here you did. >> no, no, no. who has a 10-1 that has never lost or that -- the only one that scored over a hundred on that test as three times that bode stop wherever it is. if you look at a jack mo that came through that is been 50 tof 1 basically over the past five years. i do the box thing. not just the horse to win. >> hmm. all right. i got to right last year. i don't know how and i don't know anything about it. but i'm afraid to pick a florida one. >> i think he ought to take the hat off. >> you don't get any credit if you pick a 4-to-1. >> bring the h
May 15, 2012 6:00am EDT
are your examples. >> bright horizons, 20,000 employees, you had linda mason, roger brown, yale classmates who founded this business, they'll tell you they never could have gotten going without mitt romney. >> we're going to talk more about these so-called real romney later on in the show but in the early days of bain, what was he like? >> i think we'll wait for jeff to get on. he's just a really regular guy who can make fun of himself, had no false pretenses and was really, really cheap. >> i like the fact that he's really cheap. can i say that? >> he is really cheap. >> you like that? >> i think that's a fantastic quality in a president. >> why is that a fantastic quality? maybe not as a human but as a president. >> as a guy who has made a lot of money. there's something redeemable about that. >> the reason the staples idea resonated with him is because he was cheap enough to want to save on pencils and paper where most others didn't care. >> a guy that's got the finances of the country, that's why -- >> i like that. >> a lot more to come. >> he limited the free cookies because he wanted
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3